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Logo & Identity Design

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We design logos, corporate identity systems and stationary packages for every business type.

There are examples on this page and throughout our website of logos we've done.

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logo design - pacific coast business times logo and business card design PEC logo and business card design Design Source logo and business card design eHomes logo and business card design The Bellington Group logo design
Having a quality Corporate Identity, commonly referred to as a "logo," is the critical first step in building a business..."

What makes a great corporate Identity? What makes a great logo?

Your corporate Identity must have several characteristics to make it "great." A great logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message.

Corporate Identity Design Process

Brainstorm and generate ideas
Preliminary sketches
Develop vector designs
Send to client
Add or remove anything the client wants
Finalize the design and resubmit to client